Shampoo Bars and Soaps

Why should you buy a J.R. Liggett's old-fashioned shampoo bar when there are so many modern liquid shampoos to choose from?

- It's hand made entirely from pure 100% natural oils

- It contains no animal products or preservatives

- It doesn't strip hair of its natural oils

- It makes a luxuriously thick lather

- It rinses out clean and easily

- It's especially good for permed or coloured hair

- It gives your hair body, and manageability

- It leaves your hair soft, healthy and smelling clean

- It's perfect for travelling, backpacking and camping

- No petroleum based detergents


- 100% biodegradable with minimal packaging (which is also 100% plant based).

Because our J.R. Liggett's old fashioned shampoo bars do not strip the natural oils from your hair, most people find they do not need to use a conditioner but it is important to comb any tangles out before you wash your hair. Make sure you give it a few tries before you judge it as it takes a bit of time for your hair to adjust.

To get the best life out of your shampoo bar, it needs to dry out between uses. I store mine on a wooden shampoo shelf or soap dish outside the shower. The 99g bar is equal to approx 2 x 350ml bottles of liquid shampoo.






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