Go Bamboo

Go Bamboo is a New Zealand based company offering award winning biodegradable, sustainable, everyday products made from bamboo. Go Bamboo gets inspiration for it's products from the plastic debris that washes up on our beaches. All of the products and packaging being developed by Go Bamboo have been designed to be disposed of in and around your own home. They are 100% non toxic and 100% biodegradable. 



All our products are made from a species of bamboo called Moso. The Giant and Red Pandas eat up to 30 different verieties of bamboo, Moso is not one of them as it is too large and woody.



Go Bamboo believe bamboo is an effective, affordable alternative to plastic for many disposable and limited life span plastic items, as well as having many environmental benefits.


  • It can sequester CO2 from the atmosphere between 7-30% more effectively than an equivalent area of forest
  • It needs no pesticides, fertiliser and is not routinely irrigated.
  • It is strong biodegradable and beautiful.


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